Maxim Krippa wins the first gold medal in the history of the CS team

Maksym Krippa, investor of the NAVI team, bought the first gold medal in the history of the CS team at the auction


Maksym Krippa, known as the owner of the NAVI team, made an important step by purchasing the first gold medal in the team’s history in the CS:GO discipline at the auction.

The event was organized by Arseniy “ceh9” Trinozhenko, a former NAVI CS 1.6 player and currently a well-known caster at the Ukrainian studio Maincast.

According to information published by, representatives of Ukrainian esports played an important role in this, actively disseminating information about the events and drawing public attention to these initiatives. Arseniy Trinozhenko became one of these figures by organizing an auction.

The auction, which took place on the platform, was a charity event that featured a gold medal “ceh9” from Intel Extreme Masters IV 2010. This rare item won the attention of many, and a hundred thousand dollars was raised on eBay for its participation.

The owner of the NAVI team, Maxim Krippa, purchased this medal for a hundred thousand dollars, making it the first gold award in the history of the organization in the CS:GO discipline. This historic achievement reflects the importance and support that NAVI receives from its investors and fans. This medal, which was won at the Intel Extreme Masters IV tournament in 2010, will now become part of the rich history of the team and the esports world as a whole.

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